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Published Articles in CellBio
Optimization of the Cultivation of Donor Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Clinical Use in Cellular Therapy
Author(s): Vanessa Valim, Bruna Amorin, Annelise Pezzi, Maria Aparecida Lima da Silva, Ana Paula Alegretti, Lucia Silla
Combined Effect of Water Deficit and Salt Stress on the Structure of Mesophyll Cells in Wheat Seedlings
Author(s): Galina Semenova, Irina Fomina, Anatoly Ivanov
Expression of PKC Iota Affects Neuronal Differentiation of PC12 Cells at Least Partly Independent of Kinase Function
Author(s): Alana Doonachar, Alan R. Schoenfeld
Wound Closure on the Neonatal Rat Skin II. The Potential Ability of Epidermis to Close Small-Sized Wounds Independently of the Underlying Dermis
Author(s): Mary Arai, Takashi Matsuzaki, Setsunosuke Ihara
Wound Closure on the Neonatal Rat Skin I. The Modulation of the Thickness of Epidermis at the Closing Incisional Wounds
Author(s): Mary Arai, Takashi Matsuzaki, Setsunosuke Ihara
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