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Dear Kiehl R,
We take great pleasure in listing the latest articles of "Open Journal of Metal" (OJMetal, ISSN Online: 2164-277X) here. You are welcome to visit our website and download the articles that are useful to you.
And if you have unpublished papers yourself, please feel free to submit the manuscripts to us through our Paper Submission System or by e-mail to submit@scirp.org.
Published Articles in OJMetal
• Theoretical and Numerical Study of Stress and Thermo-Optic in Photonic Crystal Fiber Laser in Different Pump Schemes
Author(s): M. Abouricha, A. Boulezhar, M. El Mouden, M. Kriraa
• Depth Profiles of Absorbed Hydrogen in Ni-Nb-Zr Amorphous Alloy Ribbons by Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Author(s): Rie Y. Umetsu, Mikiko Saito, Toshio Sasaki, Tetsushi Sekiguchi, Jun Mizuno, Hiroshi Kawarada
• Deformation Nano-Mechanisms Occurring on the Interface of Dissimilar Materials Joined in Solid Phase by Means of High Temperature Rolling
Author(s): Boris V. Borts, Nikolay I. Danilenko, Aleksander A. Parkhomenko, Viktor I. Tkachenko, Irina M. Korotkova, Igor O. Vorobyov, Aleksander T. Lopata
• Marine Invertebrates as Bioindicators of Heavy Metal Pollution
Author(s): Roberto Chiarelli, Maria Carmela Roccheri
• Protection Systems for Reinforced Concrete with Corrosion Inhibitors
Author(s): Angeliki Zacharopoulou, Eugenia Zacharopoulou, George Batis
• Quantum Chemical Studies on the Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel by Piperidin-4-One Derivatives in 1 M H3PO4
Author(s): Kalaiselvi Kathirvel, Brindha Thirumalairaj, Mallika Jaganathan
• Construction of Solidus Lines of Binary Metal Systems Having a Low Solubility of Components in the Solid Phase
Author(s): A. P. Shcherban, O. A. Datsenko, G. P. Kovtun
• Ultrasonic Fatigue of Ti40Zr10Cu34Pd14Sn2 Glassy Alloy
Author(s): Shin-ichi Yamaura, Shengli Zhu, Katsuhiro Abe, Guoqiang Xie
• Investigation on Microstructure and Grain Refining Performance of a New Type of Al-3Ti-1C Master Alloy
Author(s): Vahid Hassanbeygi, Ali Shafyei
• Production of Dissimilar Metals Materials by the Method of Solid-State Joining
Author(s): B. V. Borts, I. M. Korotkova, O. O. Lopata, V. I. Sytin, V. I. Tkachenko, I. O. Vorobyov
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Prof. M. Jayachandran (Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India)
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