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Allergenic Molecules at International Meetings

4th International Symposium on Molecular Allergology

ISMA 2010

Munich, Germany - October 29-31, 2010


Call to Support the Allergome Project (...to know more...)

100 Institutions for the Allergome Project

Allergome Info and Tips

1) Allergome Statistics page is now available! Use the most right button in the general menu and look at real time Statistics for many Allergome entries. Feedback us if you like to see more details or further information to appear in the page. The Statistics page is available also for Allergome copies from previous years. Go to the History page, recall the year you like to see, go to the Statistics page of that year, and look at the progresses of Allergome entries.

2) Allergome took an active role in delivering Appendix A of CLSI Second Edition Guidelines on Immunoassay for Human IgE. Allergens and allergenic sources scored in the documen t are marked with the CLSI logo in the Name field, Monograph's General Information page. The tooltip tells you the scoring level, better explained in the Help.


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