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Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation:
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Dear Colleague,

Prof. Pasqualini and the editors are delighted to offer you free access to the new journal Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation (HMBCI).

Comprehensive Scope
HMBCI is dedicated to the provision of basic data on molecular aspects of hormones in physiology and pathophysiology. The journal will cover the treatment of major diseases, dysfunctions and deficiencies, as well as new data on the different steps and factors involved in the mechanism of hormone action. It will equally examine the relation of hormones with the immune system and its environment, as well as new developments in hormone measurements.


To obtain your free access, simply do the following:

If you are a new user of Reference Global:
Register free of charge at www.reference-global.com. Here you will be able to type in your Access Token to activate your free access: HMBCI1M_MK. Please note that Access Tokens are case sensitive.
You will then find the articles of HMBCI for free in your Account under the Access tab, or just visit www.reference-global.com/loi/hmbci.

If you already have a user account:
Log in with you user name and password.
Once logged in, click here to activate your online access to HMBCI.
You will then find the articles of HMBCI for free in your Account under the Access tab, or just visit www.reference-global.com/loi/hmbci.

You will be able to activate your free access until July 31, 2010. It will be valid for 30 days after activation.

If you are interested in a printed free sample copy please send an e-mail to marketing@degruyter.com. (All requests are subject to publisher approval.)

For more information, please visit  www.degruyter.com/hmbci.

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We hope you find HBMCI a valuable resource.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and best regards,

Sabine v.Wittke-Holweg
Product Manager

PS.: Call for Papers: We are especially interested in encouraging highly qualified scientists to submit their work online at http://hmbci.edmgr.com, the online submission system of the journal. You are also welcome as a reviewer.

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