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September 25, 2009

With just over a week to go before the first of the 2009 Nobel Prize announcements, it's time to start thinking about how you are going to hear the news. If you're planning to use Nobelprize.org, you'll be in good company. That was how Martin Chalfie found out that he himself was one of last year's Laureates, as he relates in the telephone interview we recorded with him just after the news broke.

Chalfie recalls, "I woke up at ten after six, and I realised that they must have given the Prize in Chemistry, so I simply said, "Okay, who's the schnook that got the Prize this time?" And so I opened up my laptop, and I got to the Nobel Prize site and I found out I was the schnook!"

Alongside announcing each new Laureate, Nobelprize.org offers a wealth of further information about the new Nobel Laureates and their work. Official press releases and background information from the Nobel Prize awarding institutions are posted the moment each announcement occurs, with Nobelprize.org's own popular 'speed read' summaries following later that same day. Every Nobel Prize is also covered through a variety of interviews; both with representatives from each prize awarding Institution, exploring the motivations for the award, and with the new Laureates themselves, capturing their immediate thoughts upon hearing the news.

So, stay tuned for the announcements, and while you're waiting, why not delve into our brand new, educational, multimedia production on Nerve Signaling.

Adam Smith


Nerve signaling NERVE SIGNALING
A wide variety of the breakthroughs awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine have contributed to our basic understanding of nerves and how they function, and here we explore such topics as how nerve cells signal to one another and how the connections between them are involved in forming memories.
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Each announcement, and the ensuing press conference, is broadcast live on Nobelprize.org. So note down the schedule from the link below and follow along as the names of the 2009 Nobel Laureates are made public. If you can't watch them live, the announcements and press conferences will also be available as video on-demand.
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Alongside the webcasts, we now offer a variety of channels allowing you to follow the announcements as they occur. So, whether you're a fan of Facebook, a regular Tweeter, a subscriber to RSS feeds, or like watching our YouTube channel, tune in and keep updated. And if you have your own blog, why not incorporate our announcement widget.
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Telephone call GETTING THE CALL
Unlike Martin Chalfie, most new Nobel Laureates hear of their award by means of a phone call from Stockholm or Oslo. Here, we've collected Laureates' recollections of these memorable calls, which often come in the middle of the night, and always make good stories.
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The deliberations are of course all carried-out in utmost secrecy, and even the nominations are kept under lock and key for 50 years. But you can at least get to know the buildings and rooms where the decision-making takes place with our virtual tours, such as that for the Nobel Forum where the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet meet.
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Before media scrutiny shifts to the new crop of Laureates that will be announced in October, how many of last year's Nobel Laureates can you name? Or indeed, those from the preceding years? Check your knowledge against pages such as the one below, listing all Nobel Prizes by the year of their award.
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