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June 24, 2010

This is the last monthly update from Nobelprize.org before Sweden, and indeed this newsletter, takes off for its annual summer break during the month of July. Making the most of the brief but beautiful Swedish summer, many families will be gathering by lake-sides in that traditional Swedish retreat, the 'summer home'. As June turns to July, another gathering will be taking place on the shores of Lake Constance in Southern Germany, where scientific Nobel Laureates have an annual get-together with young researchers in Lindau. Now 60 years old, the Lindau meeting will be celebrating this year's anniversary with a bumper event: no fewer than 61 Laureates are expected to attend, alongside 650 students, making it one of the largest ever gatherings of Nobel Laureates.

The occasion that assembled the greatest ever number of Nobel Laureates was the 100th anniversary of the award of the Nobel Prizes, in 2001, when 171 Laureates attended the December 10th Nobel Banquet in Stockholm. The 90th anniversary in 1991 had come quiet close, with 128 Nobel Laureates in attendance. An earlier notable gathering, and possibly the biggest up to that date, was a dinner that the President Kennedy held at the White House in 1962, which 49 Nobel Laureates attended.

So, best wishes for whatever get-togethers you have planned for the summer and, until August, happy holidays.

Adam Smith


The centenary Nobel Prize celebrations in 2001 saw 171 Nobel Laureates attend the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm. Thank your lucky stars that you didn't have to organize the seating plan and enjoy this 13 minute video of highlights of the evening.
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If you want to see how many Laureates you can identify in the video above, you might find this press release from the Nobel Foundation useful. It lists the names of the Laureates expected to be present for the 2001 celebrations on December 10th.
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The menus from every Nobel Banquet have been carefully kept and this page lets you browse through them all. These days, in Stockholm City Hall, that's dinner for 1300!
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The 90th anniversary Nobel Prize celebrations in Stockholm are described in this article by Stig Ramel, former Director of the Nobel Foundation, which contains a marvellous photo of the Laureates in attendance looking up at an aerial camera and holding their name cards. There were 128 there that day, but did they all make the photo?
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The annual Lindau meeting of Nobel Laureates, where 61 Laureates will be gathering next week, is a venue where many of Nobelprize.org's interviews are filmed. Here is one such, recently-released interview with Jack Steinberger, 1988 Nobel Laureate in Physics.
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Following the redesign of Nobelprize.org earlier this month we have a new landing-page for our educational section, designed specifically with students in mind. Why not explore the wealth of productions you'll find there, including games which entertainingly explain the achievements behind around 40 Nobel Prizes.
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