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December 18, 2009

The Nobel year is marked by a few key dates. January 31st, which marks the close of nominations for all the Nobel Prizes (except for Peace, for which the date is February 1st), June 6th, the date by which new Laureates officially have to give a Nobel Lecture in order to receive their Prize. Early October, when the year’s announcements are made. And, as regular readers will know well, December 10th, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death and day on which the Nobel Prizes are always awarded.

The 2009 Laureates have now left Stockholm and Oslo, having participated in a very full programme of events surrounding the December 10th ceremonies. Nobelprize.org has captured many of the highlights of those days, including lectures, interviews, readings, banquet speeches, galleries of images and of course footage of the ceremonies and banquet. You’ll find a selection of this new material below, which will hopefully help to introduce the new Laureates and their work.

Opening her Nobel Lecture, and showing a picture of a bouquet of flowers, Chemistry Laureate Ada Yonath said, “The main difference between my life now and my life two months ago is the huge amount of love and flowers that I got, and I wanted to share it with you”. Extending that thought, we hope you enjoy sharing in the celebrations.

Adam Smith


All 13 Nobel Lectures from last week are now available as video on-demand, amounting to almost eight hours of viewing. Watch them all if you have time: not a bad way to spend a day.
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So says Elinor Ostrom, the first woman ever to be awarded the Prize in Economic Sciences in its 40 year history. This interview with her and fellow Laureate Oliver Williamson begins with a discussion of women in Economics and moves on to the questions of governance that they both work on.
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The annual award ceremony, held each year on December 10th in the Stockholm Concert Hall, is a joyous celebration of the Laureates' achievements, illuminating a dark winter's afternoon in Sweden. Enjoy the show.
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Herta Müller THE POT HOLE
Nobelprize.org asked Herta Müller to read a short excerpt from her book The Passport (Der Mensch ist ein großer Fasan auf der Welt). Here she reads the German text, and an English translation is also provided.
Listen to Herta Müller's reading »

Few shared Ada Yonath's conviction that she and others would be able to obtain a high resolution structure of the bacterial ribosome. But she got there, and, in her banquet speech, she reflects with satisfaction that she, and the ribosomes, are "alive and kicking".
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Venkatraman Ramakrishnan THE VALUE OF RESEARCH
"Basic research is actually very good value for money" says Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, during a discussion of research funding around 23 minutes into this interview with the 2009 Chemistry Laureates. The conversation then moves on to the topic of scientific competition – between the Laureates.
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Queen Silvia's Gowns QUEEN SILVIA'S GOWNS
The Queen has been attending the Nobel Ceremony and Banquet for the last 34 years. Here we collect images of the dresses she has worn at every single one. Follow the changing styles and choose your favourite.
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