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November 27, 2009

"It would be handy if the Nobel Prize announcement also came with a handbook of what to do and what was going to happen next!" So said Physics Laureate George Smoot in an interview in December 2006, when he was in Stockholm to receive his Nobel Prize. His sentiment probably echoed that of many Laureates, catapulted by the early October announcements into a sudden whirl of activity, which culminates in the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies held in Stockholm and Oslo on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death: 10 December.

The programme of events surrounding 10 December, called Nobel Week in Stockholm and the Nobel Days in Oslo, is full indeed. Alongside the press conferences, interviews, concerts and, of course, parties, are the lectures that the new Nobel Laureates are asked to give. These are all webcast live on Nobelprize.org, and this year we have even created an iFrame widget so that you can embed and view the live lectures within your website or blog.

So check the schedule of lectures, and watch them if you can. If you miss the live events, all lectures will also be available on Nobelprize.org as video on-demand, along with a great deal more content from the December festivities. To give you a taste, here’s a sample of highlights from recent Nobel Weeks.

Adam Smith


Both the Stockholm and Oslo Award Ceremonies are broadcast live on Nobelprize.org, and are later available as video on-demand. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded at Oslo City Hall, while Laureates in all other disciplines receive their Prizes at the Stockholm Concert Hall. Review last year's Ceremony in Stockholm.
View the 2008 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony »

With 13 new Laureates this year, there will be 13 Nobel Lectures to view live online; scheduled for 7/8 December in Stockholm and 10 December in Oslo. Nobelprize.org holds a rich archive of past Nobel Lectures, such as "Art, Truth and Politics" by Harold Pinter, Literature Laureate for 2005.
Watch Pinter's Nobel Lecture »

Nobelprize.org traditionally interviews all the new Laureates who come to Stockholm during their December visit, and posts the interviews before the end of Nobel Week. In anticipation of the 2009 interviews, here Paul Krugman, last year's Laureate in Economic Sciences, reflects on what he enjoys about being both an economist and a journalist.
Watch the interview »

"I must confess what excited me the most was to sit in this wonderful discussion" said Roger Myerson, 2007 Laureate in Economic Sciences, when recalling his participation in Nobel Media's annual round-table discussion programme; Nobel Minds. This year's Laureates will be getting together on December 9th to record the latest edition.
Watch the 2007 programme »

Held in Stockholm's City Hall each 10 December, Physics Laureate Pierre-Gilles de Gennes summed it up thus; "This is the first, and probably the last, time in my life where I have dinner with queens and princesses. I am worried. I suspect that with the chimes of midnight I will be turned into a pumpkin."
Enjoy the Nobel Banquet »

Interested to know what is served at the Nobel Banquet, or indeed what Wilhelm Röntgen had for dinner when he received the first ever Nobel Prize? Our archive of banquet menus stretching back to 1901 provides an interesting culinary history of the past century. And indeed might even be useful if you're thinking of having your own banquet!
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