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Subject: WIRM-III abstract submission and early registration deadline 7 December 2008

WIRM-III abstract submission and early registration deadline - 7 December 2008
Dear friends and colleagues,
The deadline of the abstract submission and early registration to the World Immune Regulation Meeting-III is quickly approaching.
Abstracts can be submitted at
Early registration ends on the 7th of December 2008.
As you can note from the highlights of the program, this meeting promises to be exciting and we want to ensure that it has an exceptional impact on all who attend.
Basic Mechanisms
Transcriptional regulation of immune tolerance and reactivity
Development of effector & regulatory T cells
T and B cell memory and immune regulation
Th17 cells functions & effector mechanisms & interaction with other cells
Dendritic cell subsets & immune regulation
Chemokines & receptors in peripheral tolerance
Immune senescence & peripheral tolerance
Apoptosis in the regulation of immune responses
Mechanisms of immune privilege
The role of microRNAs in immune regulation and effector functions
Focus on clinical application, drug discovery and novel biotechnological developments
Regulatory and effector T cell subsets and cytokines: From bench to bedside
Tolerating the nervous system: a delicate balance
Hygiene hypothesis in immune regulation
Immune response to parasites
Tumor antigen-specific T cell tolerance
Immune tolerance and autoimmunity
Immune tolerance in allergy and asthma
Regulatory T cells in organ transplantation tolerance
Experimental models of inducing and breaking peripheral tolerance
Mucosal tolerance & intestinal homeostasis
Development of novel vaccines and drugs
Antibody treatment in chronic inflammatory disease
Speakers and the titles of their talks:
Adriano Aguzzi: Molecular mechanisms of prion disease pathogenesis
Sebastian Amigorena: Pathways of antigen cross-presentation
Neil Barclay: CD47/SIRP alpha interactions and paired receptor function
Burkhard Becher: Th17 derived factors: the target organ matters
Jeffrey A. Bluestone: Antigen-specific tolerance in diabetes
Per Brandtzæg: Secretory immunity, memory and homeostasis at mucosal surfaces
Harvey Cantor: Regulation of adaptive immunity by NK cells
Gianni Cesareni: Domain interaction networks and inference of disease genes
Cecil Czerkinsky: Transepithelial immunomodulation in vaccines
Rene De Waal Malefyt: Regulation of human Th17 cells
Charles Dinarello: IL-1 beta and members of the IL-1 family in health and disease
Jeffrey Drazen: Mechanical transduction of inflammatory signals in the airways
Richard Flavell: Immune regulation by TGF-beta
Hiroshi Kiyono: Mucosal decision for immunity, tolerance and vaccine
Edward Knol: T cell regulation in atopic dermatitis
Vijay J. Kuchroo: Th17 cells in the circle of immunity and autoimmunity
Bart Lambrecht: Dendritic cells and epithelial cells: linking innate and adaptive immunity in
Antonio Lanzavecchia: B cell memory
Warren J. Leonard: Common cytokine receptor gamma chain cytokines: old ideas and new lessons
Eddy Liew: Novel cytokines and immune regulation
Dan R. Littman: Transcriptional control of Th17 cells
Tak W. Mak: Control of cell death in tumour microenviroment
Gianni Marone: Regulatory and effector functions of mast cells and basophils friends or foes
Stefan Martin: Role of TLR signaling in contact hypersensitivity
Polly Matzinger: Class control:  the other side of tolerance
Thorsten R. Mempel: Regulation of T-cell migration and effector functions: insights from in
vivo imaging studies
Kenneth Murphy: New factors controlling lineage commitment in T cells and dendritic cells
Ed Palmer: The generation of T cell tolerance
Thomas Platts-Mills: Immune response to carbohydrate epitopes
Alexander Rudensky: Treg cells and coordination of early protective immunity to viral
Shimon Sakaguchi: Transcriptional control of Treg cells
Federica Sallusto: Duration and timing in the activation of dendritic cells
Hugh Sampson: Novel ways for the treatment and prevention of food allergy
Hans-Uwe Simon: Catapult-like release of mitochondrial DNA by eosinophils contributes to
antibacterial defense
Beda Stadler: The use of DARPins for diagnosis and therapy of immune disorders
Larry Steinman: A molecular trio in autoimmune relapse and remission: integrins, osteopontin,
Brigitta Stockinger: Functional development and plasticity of helper T cell subsets
Jurg Tschopp: The inflammasome
Mathias Uhlen: Proteomics of the immune system
Derya Unutmaz: Immune regulation during HIV infection
Kathryn Wood: Regulatory T cells in transplantation immunobiology
The organizing committee promises to welcome you with a great scientific programme, a surprising social programme and a warm smile.
Your contribution to the program and discussions will help us to achieve our goal.
Please visit our website for more information.
Best regards
Cezmi Akdis
On behalf of the organizers
Prof. Dr. Cezmi A. Akdis
Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF)
Obere Strasse 22
CH-7270  Davos
Tel: 0041 81 4100848
(direct: 0041 81 4100841)
Fax: 0041 81 4100840
World Immune Regulation Meeting
22-25 March 2009, Davos

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