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Subject: 29th Blankenese Conference May 9-13, 2009 - Announcement -

Protein Processing Meets Synaptic Transmission”

29th Blankenese Conference,

May 9-13, 2009 in Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany



Dear colleague,


please find attached a poster announcing the 2009 Blankenese Conference. In the recent years this symposium has become a much valued platform for distinguished scientists from all over the world who want to present and discuss their latest findings in an expert, interdisciplinary and stimulating atmosphere.


The overall topic of the upcoming conference will be the molecular mechanisms regulating synaptic transmission with special emphasis on protein processing and membrane traffic. The symposium will cover synaptic structure and physiology, membrane trafficking at synapses, posttranslational modifications, folding and degradation of proteins and neurodegeneration..


We would very much appreciate if you could forward this information to promising scientists early in their career. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to distribute this announcement to interested colleagues in your institution.


Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.


Yours sincerely


Wolfgang Meyerhof


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