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Reader letter: Wrestling makes mentally and physically fit Reader letter:Makes mentally fit for rings

Reader letter: Europe - from abundance to weariness - when comes the turn ? Reader letter as Acrobat pdf

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Paternal side Kiehl: Huguenots from Nancy (french. aristocracy, related to H.v.Navarra); Lines =

Alsace/Strasbourg: furniture, Bavaria/Odelshausen: Cleaning and maintenance (Johannes, Marina/Ski Olympic champion), Palatinate/Ludwigshafen (Konrad/Heinz Kiehl wrestling Olympia bronce medalist, Jakob, +own family/himself) ----

-- Huber: from....; Lines = Herbert Clark Hoover, president USA, son Edgar, director FBI.

Mother side - Fuhr: ???

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Sister Steffi - brother Klaus - Reinhold Kiehl
Sister Steffi - brother Klaus - managing director Reinhold Kiehl
1950 as a "selection Bavarian" in leather trousers

"Europe: From abundance to weariness? when comes the turn ?"  Reader letter as Acrobat pdf

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Reinhold Kiehl grew up in the bombed Ludwigshafen: with 4 persons in one room under the roof of a still "standing" french barrack, without toilet. He worked very hardly with his parents, brothers and sisters, friends and the spared (remaining) war company for the rebuilding of the postwar Germany from 0 to again, which is because of the soil, to the world-wide noted economic miracle "made in Germany":

Busily with newspaper delivering in the deepest snow, or in the rain, in outside firms of the BASF with climbing and creep exercises with the distribution of contact granulates in sulfuric acid catalyst towers, stacking of hundredweight bags on pallets, assistance with wall compilation with burned clay bricks and broken wound hands, in foundries with weld-rubbing production of sandforms for metal parts, continuous production/shift work in breweries with the filling of beer in bottles into boxes, distribution in restaurants...compensation at school and sports club, on the road, in ruins with brothers and sisters and friends...with iron discipline and renunciation, with help for others...still fighter in the spirit of this postwar company, with education of his own children in the sense of this departure company, with students in logical instructions, at present in the oversize confronted with an over-adjusted full weariness and fun company... will bring in his own opinion, experience and realization for the management of that our worst depression in the over 50 years now united Germany for the accomplishment of our deep recession.


Curriculum VitaePersonal record as Acrobat pdf  

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October 8, 1947, Worms, Germany


Heinz Kiehl, occupation: Molder/chemistry skilled worker


Hertha Kiehl, born Fuhr: Housewife

Brothers and sisters

four (one sister, three brothers)

Martital status

divorced since 1997


two daughters

21: Stephanie Andrea,

26: Christina,

both in the study

Stephanie Andrea




1955 - 1962

Elementary school Ludwigshafen Oggersheim

First school day, 1954 Konfirmation, 1962
First school day, 1954                                      Konfirmation, 1962


1962 - 1966

Boarding school (high school), Annweiler


Boarding school
Gottfried Dolhacz (Pointing Russia), anything else is more beautiful than flying...

Burg Scharfeneck
Trip to the Burg Scharfeneck, G. D. as Atlas

Volleyball-crew during the mental attitude: right coach, room companiens: Jonny Facekas (Korea), R.Ki.(Lu), covered Gottfried Dolhacz (pointing Russia), Henning Becker (Wiebelskirchen, Saar)


Educational Training

1966 - 1968

BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany); Qualification for State College of Engineering

Auf dem Weg zum "leichten" Mannschaftskampf gegen die Mainzer Ringer
On the way to the "easy" crew fight against the wrestler of Mainz - center brother Klaus, on the right Hans Fahrnbach

1968 - 1971

State College of Engineering (Mannheim, Germany); Bachelor of Engineering (Major: Technical Chemistry, very good)

1971 - 1974

University of Heidelberg (Germany); Master of Science in Chemistry (very good)

1975 - 1977

University of Heidelberg and Max-Planck-Institute of Heidelberg (Germany), Prof. Th. Wieland, Ph. D. (Summa Cum Laude) Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry


University of Rostock (Germany), Prof.B.Drewelow, M.D. Clin.Pharmacology (D.Sc.)



Professional Experience


Max-Planck-Institute of Heidelberg (Germany) Research Fellow, Department of Medical Chemistry, Prof. Th. Wieland (Bioenergetics)

1977 - 1979

Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation (La Jolla, California, USA), Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, Dr. Y. Hatefi (Bioenergetics, Membrane Proteines, Proteomics)


David Fayle, Australien - Ives Jalante, Italien - Sekretärin, USA Yousef Hatefi, Iran; Exfrau Ilse, BRD; Donna Phelps, USA
David Fayle,Australia - Yves Galante,Italy - secretary,USA | Yousef Hatefi,Irania - wife Ilse,BRD - Donna Phelps,USA

1979 - 1985

Scientific Assistant (Assistant Professor) at the Ruhr University of Bochum(Germany), Department of Physiological Chemistry, Prof. L. Heilmeyer/Prof. W. G. Hanstein (Bioenergetics, Phosph-Dephosph, Membrane Proteines, Proteomics)

Prof. Dr. Jousef Hatefi Prof. Dr. Yves Galante
 Prof. Dr. Yousef Hatefi, Prof. Dr. Yves Galante at Preperation of active Ratheart-mitochrondria

1985 - 1987

Scientific Assistant (Associate Professor) at the University of Bielefeld (Germany), Department of Physical and Biophysical Chemistry, Prof. E. Neumann (Neurodegenerative Diseases, Membrane Proteines)

1987 - 1994

Head of the Laboratory and Research Department at the Clinic of Neukirchen (Germany), Dr. G. Ionescu

Laboratory Neukirchen


Professor, Medical Technics and Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Karlsruhe/Heidelberg (Germany)

Sept 1979

FEBS-Advanced Course on Membrane Proteins at Bern

Sept. 1988

Special Course on Radiation Protection/X-Ray Examination at Munich

July 1992

GDCh-Workshop, Moleculare Biotechnology at Frankfurt

Sept 1992

GDCh-Course, Special Certificate on Genetic Engineering at Regensburg

Feb 1995

GDCh-Course, Antibiotic Resistance, Mol. Mechanisms and New Therapeutic Concepts at Frankfurt



1975 - 1977

Research Fellowship from the MPG/Germany

1978 - 1979

San Diego County Heart Assoc. Research Fellowship

1995 - 1996

Eur Chem / VDI



Present Position

Jan 1995 to now

Independent, Laboratory and Research for Molecular Medicine/Biology (RKI), Furth im Wald, Germany

Richard und Lydia Wernerowa,CZ, Reinhold Kiehl  und.... bei der Eröffnung des RKI-Institutes  
Richard and Lydia Wernerowa,CZ, Reinhold Kiehl and.... at the opening of the RKI-Institute




More than 200 publications until now


Presentation of the RKI-Concept, 2002
Presentation of the RKI-Concept, 2002


Sport (Strength events, walking), Traveling, Painting, Music, Reading

When we climbed still on trees, the advanced culture in Egypt flowered...
Klick for Increasing
Attendance in Egypt: before the pyramids of Gisa. The isolation is threatened by the rapid propagation Gisas (Cairo). 2500 before Chr. 

Klick for Increasing
In the portico of the temple plant of Karnak (Luxor): The history took its beginning about 2000 b.Chr. (Theben)

Klick for IncreasingKlick for Increasing
Egyptian art/history on papyrus. Cyperus papyrus supplies that Mark for papyrus, the plant grows in the swampland of the Nildeltas in the abundance. Modern "equipment" for the production of papyrus, the forerunner of our paper

Klick for Increasing
Nocturnal route with an archaeologist of the University of Cairo into a desert oasis to native Beduinen (center). Astronomical star observation with the hobby astronomer and archaeologist  

Wrestling at the ASV Cham:

KSG Ludwigshafen: http://www.KSG

Marquis Who is who:


Emil Wagner (above) Emil Wagner (on top)

Alex Wagner, Walter Gering, Emil Wagner, Gustav Frischhut, Reinhold Kiehl Alex Wagner, Walter Gering, Emil Wagner, Gustav Frischhut, Reinhold Kiehl with the KSV Oggersheim (further crew members: Heinz Kiehl, Gerd Volz, Erich Lauer, Rudi Stricker, Klaus Kiehl, Martin Kaiser, Dieter Hauch, Bernd Deffner, Ernst Knoll)

Desire for the future: Assistance for setting up of the company, development of the institute:

financial type, since so far everything runs privately and with the assistance of friends.

 "Hamburger Michel" R.Kiehl "Hamburg Michel" R.Kiehl