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Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology
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Table of Contents(Vol.02 No.03, Jun. 2011):
Phylogeny derived from homodimeric endonuclease correlates with its pre-RNA substrates
Sanga Mitra, Smarajit Das, Satyabrata Sahoo, Chandana Sinha et al.
Molecular cloning, expression and characterization of a novel geneβ-N-acetylglucosaminidase from Bombyxmori
Cheng Chang, Xiaoyong Liu, Keping Chen
Changes in the organization of isozyme loci Me1 and Adh1 in-duced with triton X-100 in common wheat lines
Karina Kh. Makhmudova, Nataliya A. Vinichenko, Elizaveta D. Bogdanova, Svetlana S. Kirikovich et al.
pHluorin2: an enhanced, ratiometric, pH-sensitive green florescent protein
Matthew John Mahon
Production of human polyclonal antibodies by transgenic animals
Louis-Marie Houdebine
Genetic diversity among Indian phytopathogenic isolates of Fusarium semitectum Berkeley and Ravenel
Avinash Ingle, Mahendra Rai
Purification and characterization of the kinetic parameters of cellulase produced from wheat straw by Trichoderma viride under SSF and its detergent compatibility
Hafiz Muhammad Nasir Iqbal, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Muhammad Anjum Zia, Muhammad Irfan
An effective strategy for cloning the mitochondrial citrate carrier: identification, characterization and tissue distribution in silver eel
Loredana Capobianco, Domenico Iacopetta, Chiara Carrisi, Marianna Madeo et al.
Proposing a novel, efficient measure for assessing glade restoration efficacy: wildflower presence and abundance
Adam E. M. Eltorai
Synthesis and manufacture of photocrosslinkable poly(caprolactone)-based three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
Nathan Castro, Paul Goldstein, Malcolm Norman Cooke

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