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APRIL 2011

World Book Day, 23 April 2011

World Book and Copyright Day was established by UNESCO in 1995 as a way of celebrating and exploring the joys of reading. Accordingly, this April, Nobelprize.org Monthly pays tribute to all Nobel Laureates in Literature - authors who have produced "in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction".

Writing Against Terror

In her books, Herta Müller publicly criticised Ceausecu’s communist dictatorship in Romania. This documentary presents a rare and candid interview with the writer, whose experience of oppression "leaves her no peace".

"Mahler Symphonies Are Like Novels"

In this interview, Mario Vargas Llosa discusses his love of music, describing how he - like a composer with a musical score - plays with the structure of the book.

Recommend a Book!

The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded 103 times to 107 individuals. Tell us about your favourite book by a Nobel Laureate.

Nobel Laureates Express Their Thoughts on ...

Admiration. In a recent project where Nobel Laureates Have Their Say, recipients of the Prize share their thoughts on whom they admire and why. As a visitor to Nobelprize.org, you too can Have Your Say regarding the same question.

Whom Should be Excluded?

Which one of these Nobel Laureates did NOT receive the Literature Prize?
Click on the Nobel Laureate that wasn't awarded a Literature Prize!
Tagore Churchill San Suu Kyi

Last Month's Question

Last month we asked if you would join Earth Hour. 83% answered "Yes", and 17% answered "No".
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