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What Do You Hope to Achieve in the Future?

Ten Nobel Laureates describe their hopes and future ambitions. Tell us about what you hope to achieve in the future!

"I Wasn't at All Interested in Science as a Kid"

In this recent interview, Medicine Laureate Peter C. Doherty talks about the path that led him onto immunology research and about his engagement in environmental issues.

"You're Not Really Educating Students by Preaching at Them"

Watch Douglass C. North, Laureate in Economic Sciences, reflect on influential people in his life, on education and on his work on institutions.

Most Viewed Interview on Nobelprize.org: John Nash

Our interview with Economic Sciences Laureate John Nash - whose story is told in the Hollywood movie "A Beautiful Mind" - is the most popular video on Nobelprize.org.
John Nash

The First and Only

Can you name the only woman awarded the Prize in Economic Sciences? Choose a Laureate and click to submit your answer.
Suttner Montalcini Ostrom

Last Month's Question

Last month we asked what vitamin K is good for. 67% answered correctly, 'Blood coagulation'. 18% answered 'Nerve problems', and 15% answered 'Eyesight'.
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