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JUNE 2011

He Wants to Improve Our Air Quality

Mario Molina, Professor and 1995 Chemistry Laureate, talks about his scientific life, global challenges and the importance of communicating science.
Mario Molina

"I Have No Enemies"

For the past 25 years, Liu Xiaobo has been writing about Chinese society and the struggle to turn China into a democracy. In 2010 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work for human rights.

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

Ten Nobel Laureates reflect upon which accomplishments have given them the most satisfaction. You can also tell us about which of your achievements you appreciate the most.
Have their say

Who Declined the Prize?

Alfred Nobel had broad cultural interests. The interest that he developed in literature during his early youth lasted throughout his life. His library holds a rich spectrum of literature in different languages. Which one of these Nobel Laureates in Literature declined the Prize? Choose a Laureate and click to submit your answer.
Hesse Sartre Pinter

Last Month's Question

Last month we asked who is the youngest Nobel Laureate ever. 46% answered correctly, 'Lawrence Bragg', as he was 25 years when awarded the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics. 34% answered 'Tsung Dao Lee', he was 31 years old when he was awarded the 1957 Physics Prize, and 20% answered 'Mairead Corrigan', she was 32 years old when she was awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize.
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